• Tranyoo U1 Metal USB 32GB

Tranyoo U1 Metal USB 32GB

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As a leading brand in the storage industry, TRANYOO has always made great achievements in innovation. In the classic products produced before, TRANYOO is promoting its own unique innovative design concept and exerting this feature to the fullest. Recently, TRANYOO has launched a new product that is stealing the limelight - TRANYOO.

TRANYOO is a small metal U disk with a size of 47.7x13.9x4.5mm and a weight of 8.78g. The U disk adopts an integrated structure design, which is convenient for plugging and unplugging, and can eliminate the trouble of the user losing the cover and removing the cover. The U disk is made of stainless steel, which is quite textured. The metal U disk is really noble, even the materials and materials used for reading and writing are very particular. TRANY00 has been a high-profile and sturdy U disk model, and is a model for high-end and professional pursuit.

In appearance, TRANYOO has just been decorated with striped die-cast lines, which are quite textured. From the body to the disk to the top hook, TRANYOO has just displayed a distinctive rough structure, giving a practical A strong sense of solidity, the solid performance of the texture is the best in the U disk.

The TRANYOO U1 seven-level waterproof test adds added security. In terms of performance, the performance of the newly dispatched disc is remarkable. The advent of TRANYOO's just-in-coming sign marks the strong R&D strength of TRANYOO and the attitude and spirit of carrying out innovation. In terms of innovation, TRANYOO has done a great job, giving users confidence in their products. I believe that the future of Chuanyu's innovation will be wider and wider, and will bring you more innovative products.

-Sturdy matte metal case and small capless design, highlighting the distinctive and noble texture

-Imported high quality FASH flash charging chip, safe and stable, lifetime warranty
What's in the box 1 x Tranyoo U1 Metal USB 32GB
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